does soup make your belly fat?

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Did you start soups to warm up or to eat healthier? This is a good time to come back to the idea that it makes your belly fat and swell.

Myth or reality, it is often necessary to make allowances for nutrition. Between the effective foods to regain energy, the proteins to consume in the evening to lose weight or the sugars to banish or from breakfast, the experts have spoken, just like for the soup.

Because a legend surrounds this beverage, which the French consume at the rate of 13 liters per year. It is said that the soup will make the belly grow or swell. However, the specialist Corinne Chicheportiche-Ayache, it is a “false belief, as there are many in nutrition. The soup has no reason to make you fat or swell”, can we read in Top Health.

According to the expert, it is a lexical misunderstanding that would be at the origin of this received idea: “It all depends on the meaning that we put behind the verb ‘inflate’. If we talk about swelling in the sense of water retention, then no, it is not.. Soup is basically water and vegetables. And the latter have properties quite diuretics and laxatives, due to their high fiber and mineral content. And it does not promote water retention. Unless you put a kilo of salt in your soup.”

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Misconception or truth about soups?

It is therefore not the soup itself that possibly causes swelling in consumers. It can be food that we put in itsuch as onions, cabbage or artichokes. These are vegetables that will ferment and which have so-called insoluble and irritating fibers, even if they are mixed. They can therefore sometimes cause an increase in abdominal sensitivity and a reaction in the colon, which becomes slightly painful. There, yes, the belly can therefore swell a little. But it’s not water, it’s not extra weight. It’s just a slightly reactive colon. It’s very different.”

So keep your good resolutions for the year or the moment, and prepare good homemade soups, especially if you love them. And to avoid swelling, avoid onions, artichokes and cabbage. Carrots are yours!

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