Does the Apple Vision Pro directly threaten the survival of the iPad? An expert affirms it without restraint

Maxence Glineur

February 12, 2024 at 6:04 p.m.


Person trying out the Apple Vision Pro Apple Store © © Ringo Chiu / Shutterstock

Is the Apple Vision Pro as convenient to use as a touchscreen tablet? © Ringo Chiu / Shutterstock

Barely released, Apple’s VR headset is already being put to the test by its users. If the first analyzes were not long in coming, some are more unexpected than others.

What could the Apple Vision Pro be used for? To transform our professional environments, like what Microsoft envisioned for its own mixed reality headset? Or to replace our computers to immerse us in a whole new digital dimension?

Maybe not. In any case, according to our colleagues at Bloombergthe device could be content with a role alongside the Apple brand’s computers and on our sofas.

A headset that’s not yet ready to take the place of a MacBook

If there is one event that the tech world is following closely, it is the release of the new newsletter from Mark Gurnam, Apple and high-tech expert for Bloomberg. The character is not uninteresting and regularly hits the mark when he questions the future of the Californian brand and the sector as a whole. So, you will have understood, when he gives his opinion on the Vision Pro, there is something to arouse our interest.

According to him, and unsurprisingly, the device does not yet have what it takes to be the undisputed replacement for our MacBooks and other iPhones. “ It’s too heavy and bulky, the battery life is way too poor, and there aren’t enough dedicated apps », he notes. Even more, VisionOS would still be riddled with bugs, a fairly unusual fact at Apple, even for the first version of a new type of gadget.

In fact, Gurnam found this VR headset to be relevant in a number of specific tasks. “ In my testing, the Vision Pro excelled at streaming video, light tasks, and sending emails and other messages. It’s also perfect for viewing photos and acting as an external Mac monitor. » Missions which until now fell to the iPad, at least in Apple’s vision.

Apple Vision Pro Apple Store aisle © © Ringo Chiu / Shutterstock

Is the iPad section in Apple Stores destined to be replaced by a VR section? © Ringo Chiu / Shutterstock

From VR headset to tablet, there is only one step in Cupertino

But now, Apple’s range of tablets is not seeing happy days. As we explained recently, this market has been experiencing notable decline for some time. Even Apple seems to be making less effort than before with these devices, having not released any new models in 2023. For Gurman, things could go from bad to worse: “ I think the Vision Pro could actually cannibalize the iPad “. All the more reason to go in this direction: the device is full of applications dedicated to iPadOS, a sign that Apple is clearly aware of the current skills of its newborn?

Be careful though, things must be timed. At $3,500, Apple’s headset is light years away from replacing tablets under the Christmas tree. In addition, it is still difficult to see video editors, graphic designers and a whole bunch of professionals parting with a tactile support that has proven itself for several years. “ Today’s Vision Pro is more of a glimpse into the future than the future itself », insists Mr. Gurman.

It remains to be seen whether his prediction will come true in the years to come. In the meantime, Apple will have to lower the price of its device, strengthen its operating system and convince more and more developers to follow its project, which is not entirely a foregone conclusion.

What do you think ? Are we going to get into the habit of wearing headphones on our heads to pinch our fingers in the air, rather than tapping on a thin, light touchscreen device with a battery life of more than two hours?

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