Does Tori Spelling want a divorce? New pictures with Dean McDermott show …

Tori Spelling
First family outing with husband Dean McDermott after divorce rumors

Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott

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Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott’s marriage has been in crisis for months. According to a source, the actress plans to divorce soon. Now the couple surprisingly showed up at a joint dinner.

Tori Spelling, 48, and actor Dean McDermott, 55, tied the knot in May 2006. They have five children together: two daughters, Stella, 13, and Hattie, 10, and three sons, Liam, 14, Finn, 9, and Beau, 4. However, their relationship has been on shaky legs for some time. In March 2021, the “Beverly Hills 90210” actress was spotted without a wedding ring, and it wasn’t until October that a source claimed that Tori felt “trapped” in the marriage.

But is the final divorce really imminent, as an insider told E! News at the end of November, or do Spelling and McDermott want to give their marriage another chance? New photos leave room for speculation.

Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott spotted having dinner with their children

Photos from the Daily Mail, show the couple visiting a restaurant in Woodland Hills together with their five children. The 48-year-old seems to want to avoid the paparazzi and does not take off her mouth and nose protection outside the restaurant either. Her husband’s expression? Impenetrable. He looks cool and distant. One photo even captures an angry look from the 55-year-old in the direction of his wife.

Whether dinner and the concert were planned to take the wind out of the sails of the lingering rumors? If so, then definitely unsuccessful. Rather, the recordings show how much distance actually lies between those who were once in love. The couple are clearly separated from each other, the children form a kind of barrier. Are you inadvertently supporting the divorce rumors?

Tori Spelling: Divorce From Dean McDermott?

Because even if you scroll through Tori Spelling’s Instagram account, you can see numerous pictures of her and the kids, but there is no trace of Dean. It even doesn’t appear on the family’s Christmas card that she recently posted. In the comments, Spelling explains that he was shooting a film in Canada at the time of recording and was therefore not there, but that hardly silences the rumor mill. A person close to Tori supported the speculation with explosive statements.

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“The marriage is over and has been for a very long time,” the source told E! News. The mother of five has already met with her lawyers and is planning to file for divorce “very soon”. First of all, however, she wants to make sure that she is financially secure. Because several weeks ago, Dean is said to have announced to Tori that he would sue her for alimony in the event of a divorce.

Divorce is “the best”

Tori and Dean are said to have had serious differences for years, but for the good of the children they have tried again and again to keep the marriage alive. “They just don’t get along. They’ve been sleeping in different rooms for months and haven’t considered each other ‘married’ for some time,” the insider continued.

The 48-year-old is ready for a fresh start, but at the moment she is proceeding “strategically”. A divorce is “the best” for both, the unnamed source finally sums up.

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