Does your child snore? Be careful, it may not be as trivial as you think

According to a study by American scientists, a child’s snoring at night can be linked to behavioral problems.

It is an association that we would not have thought of. Who would have thought that a child’s snoring at night could have consequences on his behavior when awake? Yet this is what has just brought to light a scientific study produced by researchers at the University of Maryland and published in the journal Nature Communications.

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To come to such a conclusion, the scientists analyzed the MRI scans of more than 10,000 children between the ages of 9 and 10. Children who snore regularly (three or more times per week), according to their parents, were more likely to have finer gray matter in several areas of the frontal lobes of their brains. These areas in question are directly involved in reasoning skills and impulse control.

What if my child snores a lot?

We already knew that certain sleep disorders, such as sleep apnea, had many negative repercussions on behavior, such as learning disabilities and impulsive behaviors. According to the researchers of the study, early detection of snoring in children, as well as appropriate management could reduce possible behavioral problems.

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Parents must therefore be particularly vigilant when their child is sleeping and keep an ear on the noises he makes. In the event that the patient snores regularly, a tonsillectomy and / or an operation on the adenoids can help to resolve the problems. “We know that the brain has the capacity to repair itself, especially in children”, explain the authors. So early treatment of obstructive sleep breathing disorder can reduce these brain changes. ”

Barbara ejenguele

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