DOFUS 2.68: Eniripsa and Ouginak revamps

For Dofus 2.68, Ankama will offer major overhauls for 2 classes in need; the Eniripsa and the Ouginak. One will be more consistent than the other, but both should be fine for players (at least, when we have the details).

DOFUS 2.68: The Eniripsa has been refurbished, the Ouginak gains a few buffs

Indeed, this is an “advanced” devblog. The Game Designers present their vision there before the modifications are accessible in detail via the beta changelog or Ankama Live. For the latter two, you will have to wait a few more days/weeks. The beta test should arrive by the beginning of June, for a usual summer release at least before the start of the Goultarminator at KTA and Japan Expo (where the Ankama team will be).

Eniripsa 2.68: Complete overhaul

The class was undeniably too powerful as a team, with boosts that were too high. In the line of sight, the word to avoid is obviously the Galvanizer and its 2 absolute AP. Conversely, the Eniripsa suffered from major problems in single-player, lacking mobility and gameplay depth. Overall, update 2.68 will bring a complete overhaul of the spell base. It will offer better autonomy with more central invocations (Vials, Fairies, Wisps, Rabbit), more elementary spells and an improvement of all the existing ones.

Lapino could transform from support to tank/DPS

The heart of the class will remain care; this one is also unlocked for the Earth, Water and Air routes. The calculation formula is modified so that all of them naturally provide healing on the “PV restored”, being divided into 6 elements (Neutral, Air, Fire, Water, Earth, Best element). At the level of the latter, you will have 4 main game modes developed via the spells of each path:

  • Fire: Medium-Long Range with AP/AP hindrance and Burst
  • Water: Short-Medium Range with Lifesteal, zone creation and disenchantment
  • Air: Medium-Long Range with MP hindrance and delay
  • Earth: Short-Medium Range with Push, healing splashes and poisons.

Ouginak 2.68: The same but better

The Ouginak suffered from too many shortcomings in PvM and PvP especially since the arrival of Forgelance. This is to strengthen its gameplay by softening it considerably. The GD Dofus team has therefore targeted a few hard points in order to improve the playability of the class:

  • All spells with 2 Range or more no longer drop to 1 Range in Bestial Form
  • The Ouginak will be able to unbewitch to counter Erosion
  • New ways to control rage, with the ability to exit Rage III prematurely.
  • Elemental variants are moved to be more consistent

You will still be able to find some nerfs to the damage reduction stacks. However, they should be more than outweighed by the multiple buffs in order to bring the class back up to standard.

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