DOFUS: Ankama is withdrawing Merchant Mode today

The Dofus team has announced the removal of Merchant Mode from the game following its misuse by bots and for scams. This small feature was popular with players, but its removal is also part of the preparations to port the game from the Flash framework to Unity.

DOFUS: The End of Merchant Mode with Update 2.66

For several months, Ankama had already been acting to anticipate this change. With the passage of “unsaleable” categories normally in hotels for sale, some had already been able to have a flea in their ear. The arrival of the Dofus was the tocsin.

According to the company, the removal of Merchant Mode is necessary to ensure better security in the game. Too many scams existed, in which we could also find exploitation of the mechanics by bots. It will also be the end of the merchants of the Almanax. If you weren’t already doing so, going to the Marketplace will now be mandatory

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It is important to note that removing this feature does not mean the end of trading. Ankama has already planned new social mechanisms for exchanging, in particular with the arrival of the Unity port. Overall, the Dofus community reacted to this announcement in a mixed way, worried about further withdrawals of features in future updates.

Merchant Mode will end in two stages:

  • December 6, update 2.66: It will no longer be possible to switch to merchant mode. You can always remove your items from the inventory.
  • First quarter 2023, update 2.67: The interface will no longer be accessible at all. Your items will then return to the bank.

This removal follows the addition of the latest categories of items in the Auction Houses, and the background work we are doing to improve the game systems for the port on UNITY. The merchant mode is more often used for malicious purposes (sale of space, sale of loot from bots, scams, etc.).

Dofus Team

In summary, although the removal of this feature may be disappointing for some players, it seems necessary to guarantee the stability of the game. However, we may regret that once again, an iconic part of Dofus is sacrificed for some reason.

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