Dofus PvP: The KTA and its tournaments are evolving

From February, the KTA will slowly restart the PvP and esports machine on Dofus after a short break. For the occasion, the SMIZ team, organizing the structure, unveiled a document to the players detailing the main axes for the year 2023, from its first season.

The KTA details its plans for PvP on Dofus

The new and seventh season of KTA ran from November until November, with a short summer break. The calendar has been lightened slightly to facilitate the preparation and opening of competitions, as well as monitoring (particularly on the stream side). The first Qualifier will start around mid-February, and the Championships no later than early April, with entries preceding each time (which makes sense).

In terms of Dofus novelties, the objects of 2.66 will be available soon. This also includes the Wax Momore set, which the team reserves the right to disable in case of issues. For the Forgelances, no information is yet to be communicated.

As in 2022, each competition will earn KTA points in order to establish ranks among the teams. For regularity of matches, all tournaments will be on Tuesday, Sunday evenings and occasionally Thursday, with some exceptions. Only the Silver Championships will be played on Monday and Wednesday evenings in parallel with the Dofus Championships, with possible match shifts to adjust the schedule on the participants’ side. For starters, there are now no more divisions in the Bronze league thanks to the new ranks.


If you wanted to test PvP on Dofus, there is one thing to know that is essential and that you have probably missed: All players can access the tournament server. Better, since the end of 2022, this connection is made unconditionally as long as events are in progress. You just need to have 1 to 3 (strictly maximum) KTA accounts. Multi-accounting remains authorized with the same rules as before.

The revitalization of the fights also remains a priority of the structure. Despite abandoning the idea of ​​in-combat modifiers, SMIZ offers several solutions to possible meta issues. We note among other things a Golden Kill from the 16th round (eliminatory numerical superiority) and drafts reduced to 30 seconds, with 15 minutes of preparation (already in place).

What is under discussion

Beyond season 7, the KTA is looking into major developments in order to perpetuate the Dofusian PvP scene. Thus, the Draft system itself could be reviewed in order to allow more formats and open up the competition more globally. In order to better integrate sponsors and increase attractiveness on the esports side, it is also being studied to allow structures to reserve team slots in competitions, without penalizing players. This track remains hypothetical and SMIZ continues to consult the community on its various platforms.

Finally, the organization aims to better distribute the cashprizes, by decentralizing the prizes. More teams would thus be concerned and eligible for amounts, admittedly lower, the aim being to encourage as many competitors as possible to participate.

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