Dofus: The announcements for 2022 presented in Ankama Live

It’s been a ritual for some time now: when Ankama wants to make big announcements, they pass by Twitch to inform us live, allowing the community to react and ask questions live. For this new year 2022, some novelties are expected on the side of Dofus. If you missed it, here’s what to remember from this intervention of Logan.


For this live, Logan invited members of his team to share more details on the various topics. So we could hear Crocus (class balancing, PvM THL, items), Halden (creators of quests and dialogues), Kahl (PvM content, writing quests and items), KewL (Time), nealin (creation of quests), Sabbo (monsters), sly (quests and dialogues) and yaula (PvM in general)

Dofus in 2022

spring update

Usually rather light, the first annual update promises to be substantial in 2022! Now that the bow Eliocalypse is over, Ankama wants to refocus on the heart of the scenario and offer the rest of the main quest: what are the consequences of the reunification of the six primordial Dofus ?

Beyond the story we expect to many major changes : revamp of historical zones, modification of the Ocher Dofus quest, revamp of Treasure Hunts, revision of certain historical equipment slices, new guild functionalities and two new dungeons!

Of course, we can add to these enormous developments the two usual basic subjects: focus on thebalancing classes and continuous improvement of the pvp.

Ocher Dofus

We already knew it but it is now more than official: the Ocher Dofus quest will be reformed to make it more accessible! To find out more, we will have to wait a little longer: a devblog should be published with all the technical details of the evolution of the quest next Monday.

The only information we have for the moment is that this development will, among other things, imply thata historic area will be completely redone, and according to Logan: “It’s not necessarily the one you’re thinking of.“. Mystery, mystery…

current quest

The quest for Ocher is not going to be “broken“, she is going to be “coated” (terms of nealin). The progress of the current quest will therefore not be lost!


The assessment of last September’s modifications is rather positive. Details are expected to be released shortly, but Logan is glad that the PvP population has increased since the introduction of sanctions: overall there are more matches combined and in parallel.

That being said, the matchmaking take more time, so there is still work to be done. New developments should therefore appear this year. The community wonders why the first changes made were the penalties for toxic players, to which Logan replies:

We wanted to build a healthier base on which we can develop the Kolossium


Classes and balances

Two classes are in the sights of balancing at the start of the year: the yup and theEnutrof. Rather, the objective would be to up to give them a place 3v3 PvP. A live is planned by Crocus to talk about the case of the √Čnutrof.

Regarding the latest developments, the team seems satisfied with the condition of the post-nerf Rogue.



What’s happening this summer

The overhaul of two mechanics is planned for this summer:

  • The temporal anomalies : the goal is to favor thepositive education, that is to say, to offer more bonuses in little-exploited areas and fewer penalties in largely farmed areas.
  • The legendary pet powers : never touched since its appearance in the game, this mechanic should evolve to be less elitist.

Big announcement: if the health situation allows, Ankama will have a stand at Japan Expo This year !

We will also be entitled to the seventh edition of Temporis during the summer holidays, placed this time under the sign of the god Osamodas !


Later in the year

A second wave of improvements to guild features should take place, with a focus on a clearer separation between Guild and Alliance. We might also get out of the system where guild xp comes from personal xp, but that’s just a project at the moment.

Ankama also wishes to offer moreevents that impact all players on classic servers. In addition to the optional seasonal festivities, one could therefore sometimes experience “mini timer” throughout the year !

At the end of the year, a huge update is planned with brand new content. We don’t have any more information at this time.


Possible developments in the future

During the session of FAQs, several possible avenues for development were mentioned:

  • The summon management could be reversed: controlled by default and need a spell to leave them free
  • An event could restore the Trool Fair and therefore rehabilitate the area
  • Elements of internal communication could be implemented. For example, an alert could be issued when the Giant Kralove Lair opens.

Technical issues

  • Server Ilyzaelle: latency issues should have been fixed by the latest patch. The team is awaiting player feedback.
  • The Gobbowl: this addition is considered by Ankama as a gimmick, and not as a real new mechanism, hence the current lack of stability. New developments could take place.

Other announcements

Dofus Unity

Logan’s first words on this subject: don’t worry, the development of Dofus Unity does not jeopardize the schedule of changes planned for Dofus 2.

A first connection from the game client to the servers was completed last week and a new map editing tool is now in the hands ofAnkama, the studio is therefore confident about the continuation of the project.

What to remember from a date point of view:

  • if there is one JapanExpo this year, we will be able to test Dofus Unity there with a fight against a exclusive boss
  • A great period of Beta is planned, it will be several months before the official release once it is launched

Retro Dofus

Very little information has been given on this subject in this live. A priori, further communications should arrive in the weeks future.


Ankama communication

The team is satisfied to be able to communicate more with its community, there has been in all 31 lives in 2021 and at least as many are expected this year. At the same time, the format of devblogs will evolve to bring more details directly to players.


Tuesday is synonymous with weekly maintenance on Dofus, and this week’s maintenance brings a number of expected fixes.


The Kolossium is the source of many disagreements between Ankama and its community: balancing, matchmaking, rewards… It seems difficult to please everyone. As the new season approaches, let’s take a look at the main issues.

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