DOFUS Touch 1.55: What to expect for the update?

2022 promises to be a very good year of updates for Dofus Touch. After a short break in 2021 and 2020, the game is getting major content overhauls but also additions, such as legendary weapons or the Pandala sequel. Let’s take a look at what’s new in the upcoming 1.55 “Into the Legend” patch.

DOFUS Touch 1.55: “At the Heart of Legend”, the big summer update

The Dofus Touch 1.55 beta will arrive very soon. Thus, the export of character data will take place on Tuesday. You won’t have long to wait before discovering the different stuffs, monsters and additions of the patch.

Pandala: Episode Three

The first piece of this update will undoubtedly be the arrival of the third and probable last episode of the Pandala revamp. This one diverges deeply from the PC version and offers much more THL gameplay, which can lead to Legendary Weapons. Indeed the latter, on the teasing images, are presented in a rather Pandawa environment. Would they be an ultimate reward for completing the island quests?

Legendary Weapons

They will undoubtedly be the big focus. It’s not Pandala that will be the focus of the Playtest day at Ankama’s premises on May 25, but rather this new type of object. As a reminder, the notion of Legendary Weapon on Touch pre-dates that of Dofus PC! As early as 2018, the developers were asking players on the forum about a possible implementation. If we do not know where the site is today, we could remember at the time that (This list is not to be taken literally.):

  • Each weapon would drop from monsters in a specific area at an extremely low rate.
  • They would be in terms of raw characteristics more powerful than traditional weapons
  • Smithmagic would be impossible
  • It would not be possible to exchange them
  • Achievement requirements would be required to activate the drop
  • Cosmetic items would unlock when carrying the weapon (Title, Aura)
  • Each weapon would exist in four versions (one per element, namely Earth, Fire, Air, Water), and owning each of these versions would unlock obtaining an achievement. Each version could only be owned in one copy per player; the weapons would be bound to the account or character and could not be obtained in duplicate.

Note that already in 2018, there was already no certainty about a final appearance in the game. For example, it was proposed as an alternative to be able to choose only one version of the weapon, with no backtracking possible.

If the notion of element always seems to have its importance on the teaser elements, it is difficult to know where all this will lead us. The Dofus Touch team and the game have changed a lot in 4 years and so have their goals. To be continued.

An Iop Rework among the balances

After Dofus Touch 1.54 which brought its share of changes to many classes, 1.55 seems to be following the same path. The first edits are already available on video, concerning the Iop. Your favorite glass cannon will gain new, more up-to-date spells.

And other additions

Obviously, a good update is not only the main ingredients; it’s also the garnish! From this point of view, changes to the daily missions will happen. You will have even more interest in completing them, hoping that the resource bags will be less present in the rewards.

DOFUS Touch 1.55: When is it?

First of all, the beta of the update should not delay any more. Exports of character data will be done from May 24 and with a playtest on May 25, everything is in order for a more than rapid arrival. Then, for the release on classic servers, we will have to wait a few more weeks.

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