DOFUS Touch New Year Bonus XP-drop Weekend

It’s not exactly an XP bonus weekend for Dofus Touch… Luckily for you, you gain 2 days on your account!

DOFUS Touch: New Year’s Eve with an XP bonus

The event will take place from December 30 5 p.m. to January 2 5 p.m.. It will offer players an increase of 50% of XP obtained in combat and a 50% increase in the chance of obtaining drops. Craftsmen will not benefit from the bonus on professions. As usual, he will not be active in the Bonta and Brakmar arenas.

Dofus Touch has undergone various updates and improvements throughout the year, including gameplay changes to make it more touchscreen-friendly, the addition of new content such as gear and daily missions, and balancing adjustments. It has nothing to do with it now, especially for newbies visiting a fresh (literally) low-level area.

The transition to 4 groups also greatly alters the vision of the game. What could be better, for those who have not played since, to discover it with the new year? And then there is also Kwismas Island to visit, legendary weapons to drop, classes to rediscover…

meta dofus touch 1
meta dofus touch 2

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