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Chinese horoscope for Monday, February 1, 2021 for the sign of the Dog

Keep your feet on the ground and be sure to be realistic. Don't get carried away, especially if you are imagining plans for the future. A new piece of data that you sensed will suddenly appear and allow you to have a much clearer vision direction to take. Whether it's a call from a loved one, the news that changes your vision, reading an article, all of these signals will help you refine your plan. Use this data as the missing piece that allows you to know the limits from how far you can go. Write down in your logbook what you did to keep your feet on the ground and how it supported you in making your plans.

Chinese horoscope for Tuesday, February 2, 2021 for the Dog

You pose with joy the clear bases of your project or your plan. The foundation stone has been laid. And rather than aiming to build something too big either in your relationships or in your business, start from the beginning. You drive a renewal that is visible to those around you. Feel free to agree to change the image you used to convey to others. Note in your logbook what you have done to present yourself differently to others and the reactions you have received.

Chinese horoscope for Wednesday, February 3, 2021 for the Dog

You are supported in what you want to implement. The right people are on your side now. You can use the resources that are available to you to take it a step further now. Do not hesitate to ring the bell to ask for help if necessary. Do what is necessary not to stay in your corner without taking action to advance what needs to be done. Note in your logbook what you have set in motion to use the resources made available to you and what result this has given you.

Chinese horoscope for Thursday, February 4, 2021 for the Dog

Life can be funny. You had decided to go in such a direction, and you were sure it was the right one. Here you are now accepting that there could be a simpler alternative, and above all more exciting. Allow yourself to change point of view and change your trajectory. Direct your thoughts in the direction of the tip of cheerful whimsy that might alter what you set out to pursue. Don't sit around moping around, there is certainly something very simple you can do to remind yourself that life is sparkling. Write down in your logbook what happened so that you can happily change your course.

Chinese horoscope for Friday, February 5, 2021 for the Dog

You can allow yourself to aim somewhere else, or whatever. There is like a desire to move on. Change accommodation, work or even type of relationship. Whatever it is, listen to this inner movement that is taking place within you. He's here to remind you that the only stable thing in this world is change. Identify what seems to you now necessary to leave in order to project yourself to something else. And if you can't find anything that you wished to leave, delve into your thoughts, there are certainly one or two that you would be happy to get rid of. Write down in your logbook what you have decided to leave to move on.

Chinese horoscope for Saturday, February 6, 2021 for the Dog

Make sure you are not abused, or that your kindness is not taken advantage of. You know how to adapt to different situations and this is also a significant asset for you. Emerges from you a natural authority like a quiet force. It is in this peaceful movement that you more easily come to create boundaries with others. We will particularly appreciate your calm in tense situations. This is what will make the difference. Write down in your diary what you have had so that you are not abused and how you have kept calm.

Chinese horoscope for Sunday, February 7, 2021 for the Dog

You know how to be close to people. And it can manifest itself in different ways without being physically next to them. Take the time to give them all the comfort they could possibly need. You like to serve others and you know create moments of joy, and intense sharing. It is then only in these shared moments that you can feel all the comfort that you bring. You too have need others to realize you. Note in your logbook what you have done to be close to people and what this has given you.

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