Dog drinking bottle: 5 models that convinced us

When choosing the right drinking bottle for your dog, a few factors play an important role. BRIGITTE will help you to find the right one for you and your four-legged friend.

It’s time to travel again and you still need a drinking bottle for your dog? After all, man’s best friend also needs enough fluids, especially in the summer months, but also otherwise. That is why there is now a large selection of drinking bottles for dogs with an integrated bowl, so that you can save space. In addition to those made of plastic, drinking bottles made of stainless steel are also very popular because they help to keep the water cool and fresh to keep. We will now show you what other options there are and which is the best drinking bottle.

Which drinking bottles for dogs are there?

In recent years, the selection of water bottles for dogs has multiplied. We have therefore looked around and filtered out the most convincing products for you.

Plastic bottle with integrated bowl – for small dogs

Let’s start with a simple one Bottle with drinking bowl. You fill the water in the oval bowl by pressing the button. If your dog wants to drink more, just press the button again and your dog will have water to sip again. This drinking bottle is particularly suitable for small and medium-sized dogs.

Plastic bottle with hinged bowl – for medium and large dogs

A slightly modified form of the classic plastic bottle with a built-in bowl is a bottle where you can fold the bowl and thus saves space. The advantage here is that bowl is larger and is therefore also suitable for retrievers, labradores or king poodles. the Bottles with a hinged lid come in two variants: On the one hand you can choose a bottle where you can also regulate the amount of water in the bowl by pressing a button.

In the Bottle by Trixie On the other hand, you open a closure after opening it so that the water can flow into the elongated bowl in a controlled manner.

Like every bottle, all models now have a strap for easy portability.

Plastic container for water and food with a collapsible bowl – for small and medium-sized dogs

Do you want to take not only water but also food with you? Then one Bottle with drinking compartment and feed container optimal, in which two foldable bowls are included and can be set up separately. So your dog can eat and drink in peace, just like at home.

Stainless steel bottle with matching bowl – for every size

So that it can continue at high temperatures refreshing water there is one for your dog, for example stainless steel bottle with a bowl. This can simply be unscrewed from the bottom so that you can fill in the water – and your dog can drink from it. The advantage here is that your dog has a bowl made of stainless steel and therefore does not have to get used to it if he also drinks from one at home.

You can find out below how you can get your dog used to a new bowl shape so that there is no drinking strike during the trip.

Stainless steel bottle and a foldable bowl (silicone or fabric) – for every size

Another option is to have a ordinary stainless steel bottle to take, to fill this with tap water and take a collapsible bowl with you. The bottle does not take up much space because of its narrow shape and the bowls can also be folded up easily stowed away will. You have the choice between Silicone bowls – which, by the way, are becoming increasingly popular – and such made of fabric made of leak-proof material.

Which drinking bottle is the best?

Should there only be the best for the best friend? We’re with you there. That’s why we chose the products that particularly well rated have been. Of course, you have to decide for yourself which model is ultimately best for you and your dog. However, some dogs may have a harder time getting used to the elongated shape of the portable bowl. On the safe side are you therefore definitely with one Drinking bottle and separate bowl – either to fold or unscrew like the stainless steel bottle with the matching bowl.

How many liters does my dog ​​need to drink when traveling?

The amount of water your dog needs per day depends, among other things, on his body weight and the outside temperature away. After all, we know it ourselves that we feel the need to drink more when the temperature is high. Dogs are no different. Accordingly, the need also increases when the dog’s activity is higher, for example when hiking or when we play with them. The food can also play a role, because your four-legged friend gets it wet fooddoes he need less water, since a large part of the daily liquid requirement is already covered here. The whole thing looks different with dry food, because the water requirement tends to increase as a result of the feeding. The required quantity of your four-legged friend can be calculated as follows:

Dried animal food: 40 to 100 ml of water x dog’s body weight

wet food: 20 to 50 ml of water x dog’s body weight

Why are there no exact milliliter specifications for the water, you ask yourself? A dog should be like a human Minimum and maximum number of water per day because too much water can also damage our beloved furry friends.

If you have now planned a trip by car that will take about four hours, all you have to do is fill a bottle with water. If it’s a long trip or it’s particularly hot, bring more than one bottle of water for your dog. The same applies to activities that generally have to be scaled back when it’s hot, otherwise your dog could overheat!

You can find more tips for traveling in our article on traveling with a dog.

How do I get my dog ​​used to the differently shaped bowl?

Some dogs simply refuse to drink from certain vessels. This is due, among other things, to Shape or material of the drinking bottle. After all, at home they are used to a stainless steel or ceramic bowl. Since they are usually rather unwieldy for a trip or an excursion, they naturally stay at home. Some dogs first have to get used to silicone, fabric or plastic bowls. That it’s best to train at home and let him drink alternately from his ordinary bowl and then from the traveling bowl. Your dog should get used to it in no time.

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