Dominique Besnehard restored? Jean-Luc Reichmann shares a tender selfie with the producer

Victim of a heart problem at the end of last December, Dominique Besnehard is much better. On Twitter, Jean-Luc Reichmann posted a reassuring photo of the producer.

Dominique Besnehard is a miracle. On December 25, the producer announced on his Facebook account after suffering a heart attack after the Miss France ceremony, in which he participated as a juror. Upon entering the capital, Dominique Besnehard felt ill. Quickly alerted by Francis Huster, the firefighters quickly took charge of him, before taking him to the Georges Pompidou hospital. “I am at the Georges Pompidou hospital under observation after a heart problem that occurred the day after the Misses’ evening where I was on the jury chaired by Francis Husterhe wrote. Thanks to Francis Huster and my friend Hubert for realizing I was going off the rails and stopping the car when they MAGICALLY passed a fire engine. What would have been my destiny then?

Treated, Dominique Besnehard was able to return home. And obviously, the producer is doing wonderfully. Witness a tender selfie published by Jean-Luc Reichmann this Thursday, February 2. “What a pleasure to see Dominique Besnehard in great shape in Luchon”, rejoiced the host of 12 noon shots. In this photo, we can discover the producer all smiles, who seems to have recovered. Something to reassure his fans but also Francis Huster. Guest of the waves of Europe 1, the actor remembered this heart attack. “We were there, we were joking about everything. And all of a sudden, when we arrive 150 meters from Gare Montparnasse, there, he had his discomfort. He had eyes like a mort, he said. The eyelids were not lowered. The eyes were open. His body was the Grévin museum. There was nothing left. It was terrible. You had to stick your tongue out and give him a massage.”

Dominique Besnehard: “everything is fine and long live life”

On January 22, Dominique Besnehard published a photo of him very thin after being able to find his home. “Dear Facebook friends, You were more than 1000 people to come forward as soon as you learned of my heart problem. Thank you for that. I was very touched”he wrote before giving reassuring news: “Today I am sending you this photo taken today at my hairdresser. I am recovering with 7 kg less. EVERYTHING IS WELL and LONG LIVE LIFE”. Supported for ten days, he also wanted to thank the nursing staff: “Georges Pompidou where I was treated perfectly by the haute couture surgical team of Professor Hagège and pampered by a team of nurses, caregivers and maintenance women who were exceptionally professional, attentive and kind”.

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