Dominique Carlac’h wants a debate and ideas

Dominique Carlac’h, current vice-president of Medef and candidate for the presidency of the employers’ organization, judged Wednesday on BFM Business that the campaign lacked debate.

The one who is also spokesperson for the Medef wrote last Friday on this subject to the other declared candidates, the deputy president of the Medef Patrick Martin, the deputy president of the French Security Federation Pierre Brajeux and the president of the Medef Alsace Olivier Klotz, she said, confirming information from Les Echos.

It is absolutely necessary that we have a debate so that the Medef can (…) show that it has ideas, while on the contrary if we are told + nothing is happening, it’s already over ‘Advance +, this will give a weakened Medef, alerted Ms. Carlac’h, who runs an innovation consulting company.

Candidates have until May 5 to collect 150 sponsorships.

We will be on May 10 when we will be in the first phase, we will still not have debated. Me, I find that it is insufficient, I think that we must be able to speak, to discuss between us, before May 10. Because after, from May 10 to July 6, it will go very very quickly, estimated Dominique Carlac’h.

In the end, isn’t the sponsorship period already an election?, she wondered.

It would be a pity all the same if at this time we organize all this barnum of candidacies and campaigns to, in the end, say to ourselves everything has for ashe added.

Speaking in Les Echos, Pierre Brajeux, another declared candidate, judged that for the moment, the election is totally locked and favors Patrick Martin.

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