Dominique Tapie cash on her husband’s “hidden money”, she responds to rumors

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Several rumors are circulating about the Tapie couple. Dominique Tapie wanted to silence them, especially on money potentially hidden in a tax haven.

Death, debts and love. In full promotion of his book: Bernard, the fury of living (Observatory editions), Dominique Tapie explained about a possible hidden treasure that her husband would have left. But she first returned to their fifty-year love story, but also the many debts he left her after his death on October 3, 2021. Or the astronomical sum of 642 million euros, with current interest. “How could we imagine such a thing? We did not have a marriage contract, so we were automatically placed under the community regime”, questioned the widow in particular.
On TV sets or on the radio, Dominique Tapie does not hesitate to confide in the rest of his life after the tragic disappearance of Bernard and she confessed to ‘cursing and hating’ her husband after his death, although ‘no longer the case’as she explained in It’s up to you.
On the set of Focus Sunday on RTL, the journalist asserted that “some rumors still say that Bernard Tapie would have put money in a tax haven…” Which provoked the scathing response from Dominique Tapie: “Oh no! No ! Never ! Never ! Bernard was not at all one to predict. He was impulsive. Moreover, with all the investigations that have been made, but in the whole world, there is nothing. They never found anything,” she said.

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Bernard Tapie: “Borrowing my name is a bit heavy”

Later in the interview, the businessman’s wife was asked about the upcoming release on Netflix of the Wonderman series which traces part of her husband’s life: “I think that annoys you…” , asked the facilitator. “Yeah ! The person who made this series came to see Bernard and he told him ‘No, if someone has to tell my story, it will be my son Laurent’. And here it is… No comment”, she reacted, annoyed.
Bernard Tapie told Var-Matin in June 2021: “Doing it without asking me for my agreement in principle is not very good. There are things we don’t do. That there are documentaries is another thing, but borrowing my name is a bit heavy”, he confided. “Wonderman will be a biopic about the man, freer than a biopic about the facts, with a very strong element of subjectivity. This is our look at its trajectory”, explained Olivier Demangel, one of the pilots of the project to Première magazine, in June 2021. And to add, “as soon as the idea came up, I informed him because I thought it was good to do that. But we did not seek his approval or his opinion.
The filming of the Netflix series, consisting of seven episodes, began in March 2022, and it should be released this year on the platform. No release date has yet been announced.

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