Donald Trump claims his victory

The vote count is far from over, but Donald Trump, incumbent president and Republican candidate for his own succession, has already announced his re-election in a speech at the White House.

Denial, vista or political calculation? This Wednesday, November 4 in the morning, Donald Trump claims in any case his victory in the American presidential election. As Le Monde notes, the vote count is still relevant.

It was in a brief speech from the White House that the outgoing president proclaimed his re-election. He also denounced "fraud" preventing him from celebrating victory. "Honestly, we won the election, did he declare. We were ready to celebrate something magnificent ”.

If the blue wave the Democrats hoped for has not taken place and Donald Trump has officially won Florida and Texas (two of the most important states in terms of the number of voters), Joe Biden still hopes that the final tally will be in. his favor. Results are still pending from nine states, including the decisive ones of Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin and North Carolina. Democrats currently have 223 voters, compared to 213 for Trump.

Social networks on fire

Donald Trump is currently claiming victory in the key states of Pennsylvania and Georgia, where the vote count was interrupted by night and is due to resume Wednesday morning (local timing). If Republicans are not officially recognized as the winners, Trump has announced he will go to the Supreme Court, and has already called for an end to the vote count.

Shortly before his speech to the White House, Donald Trump claimed high scores on Twitter and Facebook and denounced a rigged election. Comments already repeated thousands of times by his supporters, despite warnings for disinformation from both platforms.

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