Donald Trump: Ex-model accuses him of sexual harassment

Ex-model Amy Dorris has unpleasant memories of meeting Donald Trump. The current US president is said to have sexually molested her.

Not easy fare, the ex-model Amy Dorris (48) now unpacks against "The Guardian". She accuses US President Donald Trump (74) of sexually molesting her over 20 years ago. During a visit to the US Open in 1997, when Dorris was 24 years old, Trump spoke to her in front of his VIP box, seconds later he became abusive. "He just stuck his tongue down my throat," Dorris recalled. "Then his grip tightened and his hands were all over my bum, my breasts, my back, everything."

Why was Dorris silent for so long?

The ex-model wants to prove his statements with photos that show him together with Trump in New York, as well as his ticket for the tennis tournament. But why only now? In 2016, when Trump was a presidential candidate, Dorris had already toyed with the idea of ​​making what she had experienced public. Fearing that it might harm their families, she said she decided against it. Today the ex-model is the mother of twin daughters in their teenage years. Dorris wanted to be a role model for them.

"I want you to know that you don't have to put up with anything from anyone that you don't want," she told the newspaper. "I want you to see that I didn't keep quiet, that I rose up against someone who did something that was unacceptable."

Trump's lawyers step in

Trump was 51 at the time, a real estate mogul and married to his second wife, Marla Maples, 56. According to the report, his lawyers have already spoken out on the allegations. According to this, the US President denies "in the strongest possible way" that Dorris has ever been molested, abused or behaved inappropriately towards her. Since the ex-model never prosecuted the alleged incident, but is now going public with it so shortly before the presidential elections in November, one suspects a politically motivated calculation.