Donald Trump: Ex-President mocks the late Colin Powell

Donald Trump
Ex-President mocks the late Colin Powell

Donald Trump found pithy words on the death of Colin Powell.

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Only good things about the dead: Donald Trump has not internalized this rule of conduct. There was scorn and ridicule about Colin Powell’s death.

In a statement, the former US President Donald Trump (75) mocked the late former Foreign Secretary Colin Powell (1937-2021) with pithy words: “Nice to see that Colin Powell, who is so in Iraq and with so-called weapons of mass destruction has made a lot of missteps, is now treated so nicely in death by the fake news media. ” He hopes that someday he will feel the same way.

His party colleague was a classic “RINO”, a “Republican In Name Only”. This denounces party members of the Republicans who, in the eyes of some, have too liberal attitudes. Powell, Trump continued, had a preference for attacking other Republicans. His contribution ends with the words: “He made a lot of mistakes. Anyway, may he rest in peace.”

Powell also suffered from blood cancer

Powell died of complications from Covid 19 at the age of 84. He was fully vaccinated, but had been in massive health problems for several years, it said. Among other things, he suffered from blood cancer. Colin Powell was the US’s first African-American National Security Advisor and was Secretary of State between 2001 and 2005 under President George W. Bush (75).


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