Donald Trump: He has his children protected even after his term in office

Donald Trump
He keeps his children protected even after his term in office

Donald Trump with daughter Ivanka and Donald Trump Jr. at a 2017 press conference.

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Before he divorced the presidency, Donald Trump is said to have extended the Secret Service personal protection for his children.

Ex-US President Donald Trump (74) is said to have ensured in the last legs of his term of office that the personal protection of his children is extended by the Secret Service after his departure. This is confirmed by a source from the Secret Service to the US magazine "People" after the Washington Post reported on it.

The Secret Service is typically responsible for personal security for the president, vice president, their families, past presidents, and their spouses. In a "transitional phase", the adult children of the ex-president should now continue to enjoy these privileges.

Ivanka Trump (39) and her husband Jared Kushner (40), Donald Trump Jr. (43), Eric Trump (37) and his wife Lara (38) and Tiffany Trump (27) are to be protected by the Secret Service for six months . President Joe Biden, 78, would then have to approve another extension, the Secret Service source said. Donald Trump himself and his wife Melania (50) receive lifelong personal protection, their 14-year-old son Barron will initially continue to receive protection until he is 16.

Barack Obama also ordered an extension

An extension of the protection for the children of the ex-presidents is initially nothing unusual. According to the Washington Post, Barack Obama (59) and Bill Clinton (74) are also said to have ordered this. But her daughters were not yet of adulthood at the time.

The Secret Service did not want to officially confirm Trump's decision to "People". A spokesman stated that the service "does not provide information about protective measures or those in need of protection".