Donald Trump: his trial against Stormy Daniels has ended, what awaits him…

The trial is finally over. For six weeks, the New York court was the scene of the trial between former Republican President Donald Trump and a former pornographic actress and Playmate, Stormy Daniels. Started last April despite dramatic events, the trial judged the husband of Melania Trump, accused of having falsified accounting documents to avoid a sex scandal in 2016, while he was campaigning for the American presidential elections. On Tuesday, May 28, the trial ended, leaving Donald Trump awaiting the judgment which will soon be rendered by the twelve members of the popular jury in this criminal case.

The latter will be guided by judge Juan Merchan and will have to decide the fate of the person who bought the silence of Stormy Daniels with a transfer of 130,000 dollars. If the former president’s lawyers called for acquittal, the twelve New Yorkers on the jury will have to decide whether the businessman is guilty “beyond reasonable doubt” of having falsified documents, and if he did so with the aim of committing or concealing another crime. They will also be able to decide that the Republican, presidential candidate in 2024, is not totally guilty but only partially of the 34 falsification offenses with which he is accused. Finally, if the jury cannot agree on a verdict, the trial could be canceled and started again, if the Manhattan prosecutor’s office decides to continue prosecuting Barron Trump’s father, explains the Huffington Post.

This unprecedented status that Donald Trump would have if he is found guilty

If the twelve members of the jury must decide, based solely on the evidence from the trial, on the guilt of the controversial former president, this could give him an unprecedented status in the history of the United States. Indeed, if he were found guilty of the 34 charges against him, Donald Trump could become the first president to be criminally convicted in US history. A status he would prefer to avoid: candidate in the presidential race this year, this should not favor his campaign. It remains to be seen whether the jury will deliver its verdict before November 5, the date of the next elections.

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