Donald Trump Jr .: Mockery and scorn for Alec Baldwin after the “Rust” accident

Donald Trump Jr.
Mockery and scorn for Alec Baldwin after the “Rust” accident

Donald Trump Jr. (left) mocks Alec Baldwin.

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The tragic accident on the “Rust” set caused consternation around the world. Donald Trump has only one utterly tasteless reaction left.

The fatal accident on the “Rust” set provoked numerous reactions, most notably dismay and compassion. On the other hand, you couldn’t be more tasteless than Donald Trump Jr. (43). The son of the former US president only has mockery left for Alec Baldwin (63). It’s only been a few days since he accidentally triggered the shot that killed cinematographer Halyna Hutchins (1979-2021).

Donald Trump Jr. has nothing better to do than to use this tragedy for himself: Donald Trump’s eldest son is now selling T-shirts with the inappropriate slogan “Guns don’t kill people, Alec Baldwin kills people”, in German : “Guns don’t kill people, Alec Baldwin kills people”. And that’s not all: As reported by “The Daily Beast” among others, Trump Jr. posted an edited photo of the actor on his Instagram stories showing him wearing one of the shirts.

Donald Trump Jr. conceded Shitstorm

The legitimate shit storm for Donald Trump Jr. was not long in coming. “Trump’s son Don Jr. has no problem earning money with the tragic death of the camerawoman,” says German lawyer Sandra Navidi (49) in a tweet to the point. “Do we agree that the Trump family can confidently be described as antisocial?” asks a Twitter user. “When Schadenfreude goes over corpses, it is only primitive”, said another user.

The political strategist Ana Navarro (49) also shoots on twitter Against the Trump family: “In case someone has forgotten what a bunch of tasteless, levelless, empathetic, greedy idiots Donald Trump and his descendants are, Junior reminds us. He makes money out of a tragedy of a young mother cost their lives. Because there is literally nothing that they would not take advantage of. “

Advertising Donald Trump Jr. with shirt slogans such as “My God, my family, my guns and my freedom” is a big advocate of the gun lobby NRA in the United States. Among other things, the organization advocates the right to possess and carry weapons (2nd Amendment to the US Constitution) and defends itself against gun control.


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