Donald Trump: Second impeachment trial is on the way


Donald Trump
Second impeachment trial is on the way

Donald Trump has to face impeachment proceedings again.

Donald Trump has to face impeachment proceedings again.

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For the second time during Donald Trump's tenure, the House of Representatives is launching an impeachment against the US President.

Donald Trump (74) is still US President for a few days and yet the US House of Representatives is now seeking a second impeachment procedure within his term of office. Late on Wednesday evening, a total of 231 MPs in Washington voted for the so-called impeachment, 197 were against. Ten members of Trump's Republican Party also voted to open the process.

The charge: "inciting a riot" based on his speech immediately before the Senate was stormed by a violent mob of his supporters. A decision before his successor Joe Biden (78) is sworn in next week, however, seems impossible: the Senate would have to agree to impeachment. Mitch McConnell (78), the Republican majority leader there, has already turned down a necessary emergency meeting.

Whether a president can even be removed from office under the impeachment rules after officially resigning from office is highly controversial from a legal point of view and would be a unique event in US history. As a consequence of an impeachment brought to an end, however, pension payments and further financial claims of the ex-president could be suspended.