Donald Trump: This is how animals react when they see him! -Video

Apparently the current US President Donald Trump is not only causing excitement among us humans, but also in the animal world …

Growling, wincing, jumping up in fright – these could all be human reactions to Donald Trump and his speeches. But no, another anti-Trump faction has formed – and it consists of dogs, cats and birds!

Trump attacked by American Eagle

Whether on a poster, on television or face to face in person: These animals seem unable to develop sympathy for the head of state. More and more Americans are now filming their pets how they react to a picture of Donald Trump and then posting the videos on the Internet. In the video above you can see, among other things, how the president was attacked by America's heraldic animal, the American eagle. Is that a sign or was it just coincidence?

You can watch the wonderful reactions of the animals in the video above, have fun!

mmu / Rosita Sorokowski