Donald Trump: This is how stars react to the second impeachment

Donald Trump
This is how stars react to the second impeachment

Donald Trump is making history with a second impeachment trial against him.

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Another impeachment proceedings against Donald Trump were decided. This is what the Hollywood stars say about the second impeachment.

This has never happened before: Donald Trump (74) is the first president in US history against whom there is a second impeachment trial. Ten members of Trump's Republican Party also voted in the US House of Representatives to open the procedure. The charge: "inciting a riot" based on his speech immediately before the Capitol was stormed by a violent mob of his supporters. Five people were killed.

Prominent Americans responded to the impeachment trial on social media. "I didn't even know that you could be charged twice," explained model Chrissy Teigen (35) for example on Twitter for the second impeachment against Trump. "I thought it was like dying." Hollywood star Alec Baldwin (62) wrote an article about the procedure: "That looks good …"

"Really historic!"

"Thank you to the ten Republicans who put the country before the party," says Josh Gad (39, "Frozen II"). "To the others: you are the problem, not the solution." "Star Trek" star George Takei (83), on the other hand, imagines Donald Trump sitting "angry in the Oval Office" and "repeatedly reaching for his iPhone to tweet his feelings, womp womp". Twitter has permanently banned Donald Trump's account "due to the risk of further incitement to violence".

"Modern Family" star Jesse Tyler Ferguson, 45, tweeted"Trump's legacy will be that he did a" really good job "on impeachment:" Better than any other president. " And "Star Wars" icon Mark Hamill, 69, added: "If one impeachment is not enough. Damn his new crimes – indict him twice!" Actress Sherri Shepherd (53, "How I Met Your Mother") says: "Donald Trump always wanted to make history and today he did! He is the ONLY President in our nation's history who has been charged twice! Really historic!"