Donald Trump – Treasury Department releases tax records – News

  • Treasury Department Disclose Donald Trump’s Tax Records
  • It follows a court order.
  • For years, the former US President resisted the publication.


On November 15, Donald Trump announced his intention to run for the 2024 presidential election.

Reuters/Gaelen Morse

The Treasury Department will make six years of tax records available to a Congressional committee. A spokesman for the ministry confirmed this to various US media. This follows a court decision from last week.

For years, Donald Trump refused to release the documents. Ultimately, the 76-year-old failed with his request before the Supreme Court. In the US, presidential candidates usually disclose their tax records. Trump’s refusal opened up a lot of room for speculation. Critics speculate that the former president may have something to hide.

New approach to office

After long delaying tactics before the midterm elections, Donald Trump announced on November 15 that he wanted to run again for the presidency.

This was not without its side effects. In the same breath, Trump warned Florida Governor Ron DeSantis against running for office. The former president said he knows more about DeSantis than anyone other than his wife does. Ron DeSantis is considered one of Trump’s potentially strongest opponents in the Republican ranks.

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