Donald Trump: Twitter and Facebook freeze his accounts

Donald Trump
Twitter and Facebook are freezing their accounts

Donald Trump performing in Phoenix

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After the unrest around the US Capitol, Twitter and Facebook temporarily frozen Donald Trump's accounts.

Twitter and Facebook have temporarily blocked the accounts of US President Donald Trump (74). Supporters of Trump stormed the Capitol in Washington during the congressional session in which Joe Biden's (78) election victory was to be confirmed. According to US media reports, four people were killed in the riots.

Trump had previously spoken of an alleged "theft" of the election and urged his supporters to move to the Capitol. The elected president later spoke up on a Twitter video calling on people to "go home" but reiterating his unsubstantiated allegations of election fraud.

Accounts temporarily frozen

Facebook, Youtube and Twitter had already removed this video from the platforms. Two more tweets from Trump are also said to have been removed due to policy violations. The removal of these three posts resulted in his account being blocked for twelve hours, Twitter said, according to US media reports. Further violations of the rules would lead to a permanent ban, it said.

Trump's account was also frozen on Facebook for violating the rules. For 24 hours, the incumbent president could not post anything on the platform, says a statement from the company, which quoted "The Hollywood Reporter" among other things. In the past few weeks, Donald Trump's Facebook and Twitter posts had been flagged with warnings to indicate that the information was wrong.