Don’t feel like getting up ?: Uwe Seeler dismantles the HSV footballers

Don’t feel like climbing up?
Uwe Seeler dismantles the HSV footballers

Third attempt, third slap: Hamburger SV remains in the 2nd Bundesliga. Uwe Seeler, the legend of the club, is hit hard. He finds clear words for the team and doubts more and more whether it will work again with the return to the upper house.

Club legend Uwe Seeler went to court with the pros after Hamburger SV missed promotion to the Bundesliga again. “The team gives the impression that they have absolutely no desire to be promoted,” said the 84-year-old “Bild”. The latest 2: 3 defeat at the relegation candidate VfL Osnabrück was the culmination of disappointment: “I just couldn’t look anymore. Do the players really not know what they are doing to the fans and the club?”

The HSV is now in its fourth season in the 2nd division. “I am deeply disappointed, I am very angry – I had hoped that it would really work this time. For me the Bundesliga is really nice without HSV …”, said Seeler, who doubts more and more about promotion. “The money that you can put into the team is getting less from year to year. The competition in the fight for promotion by well-known relegated players is getting bigger and bigger. It is getting more difficult from year to year to make the return,” said Seeler, who He started at HSV as a child in 1946 and ended his active career there in 1972.

Previously, ex-coach Thomas Doll had already taken the footballers into court. “HSV did not have the quality to playfully take apart a team, and it did not have the quality to make it with force in the duels to assert itself against Kiel or Fürth. Nobody goes where it hurts,” said the 55th -Year-olds of “Sport Bild”.

In particular, the appearance in the 2: 3 against VfL Osnabrück last Sunday, when the once so proud club gambled away its last theoretical chance of reaching the relegation, hurt the former national player. “The fact that the players don’t perform well in a game like this, where they know it’s about everything, says everything about the team. The quality is not enough.”