"Don't forget the words": the new maestro Leslie worked for a famous American actor: Femme Actuelle Le MAG

Friday June 19, 2020, Fanny, the maestro of Do not forget the lyrics bowed to Leslie after winning 7 wins and 17,000 euros in winnings. As soon as it arrives on the France 2 tele-hook set, the new winner of the musical program aroused the curiosity of Nagui by evoking an anecdote related to the job she was doing when she was "young and fresh", as she explained. At the time, while working on Cannes at the Festival, she was regularly arrested by passers-by who asked her for an autograph, probably confusing her with a famous actress. Immediately, Fabien Haimovici, the singer and percussionist of Do not forget the lyrics noted that she looked like Susan Sarandon. A similarity approved by Nagui before Magali Ripoll mentioned the name of Chiara Mastroianni.

Leslie reveals the name of the mystery actor

Leslie then explained that if she was arrested as often during the Cannes film festival, it's because she accompanied a famous American star. A revelation which intrigued Nagui and the musicians who at all costs wanted to know the identity of the personality in question. Initially refusing to give his name, Leslie then agreed to answer yes or no to the team's questions before finally revealing the name of the mystery celebrity. It was actor Adrien Brody, Cesarized and Oscar winner for his role in The pianist by Roman Polanski in 2003. An actor whose work Nagui appreciates as he later mentioned.

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