“Don’t forget the words”: who is Cruella, the voice-over of Nagui’s show? : Current Woman Le MAG

She is the voice of Do not forget the lyrics and Nagui’s sidekick: Cruella accompanies the candidates of the singing show every evening on France 2, by validating the lyrics selected by budding singers. An essential role for the smooth running of the famous karaoke. But who is behind this voice? This is Gaëlle Leroy, who is none other than the co-producer of Do not forget the lyrics. Although we know her identity, we have never seen her face: Cruella wants to remain anonymous! How did his role come about? In reality, it all started from one “accident”. In an interview with the magazine TV Star on April 15, 2021, Nagui recounted the beginnings of their tandem which has become cult. “It was born from an accident. To validate the correct answers or repeat previous sentences useful to candidates, I wore an earpiece. Until the day when a technician, whom I wish to never meet again in my life, sent 1,000 hertz into my ears. It felt like a stab! Today I have tinnitus for life. Then I asked someone from the team to get on a microphone and we ended up naming her Cruella.”

Cruella ‘on the verge of resigning’

And if she’s not on set Do not forget the lyricswith the candidates and the Maestro, Cruella is very complicit with Nagui. Indeed, the voice of the France 2 singing competition likes to have fun with the host… who sometimes exaggerates a little! In the show broadcast on Tuesday October 18, 2022, she declared that she was on the verge of hanging up the microphone. “You counted a lot of words tonight, are you okay, are you still with us?”Nagui had told him. “I am on the verge of resigning”, Cruella had replied with humor. Sometimes, on the contrary, she is offended when the presenter confuses her with… Magali Ripoll. “I thought everyone was called Magali on this set. Obviously, Cruella… who else?”, Nagui retorted. Humor above all!

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