“Don’t thank me”: annoyed, Gaspard Ulliel’s ex publishes a scathing and unusual denial on Instagram

In the story of his Instagram account, Monday November 28, 2022, Gaëlle Pietri, the ex-girlfriend of Gaspard Ulliel, spoke to restore a truth concerning her. She looked very angry.

Since January 19, 2022, and the death of Gaspard Ulliel, Gaelle Pietri do everything possible to protect their son, Orso. Indeed, when the actor was the victim of a terrible skiing accident which cost him his life, he was no longer in a relationship with the mother of his son. Nevertheless, the two actors remained close. Since then, she never misses an opportunity to speak out to restore truths about the father of her son, so as not to damage his memory, or concerning it. Moreover, Monday November 28, 2022, in the story of her Instagram account, it is for her that she wished to break the silence. While she has the same last name as singer Julie Pietri, she assured that the two women were not related.

NO I am NOT the daughter of Julie Pietri, thank you ‘journalists’. So, I’m happy to leave you here this little song that will stay in your head all day… Don’t thank me“, explained Gaëlle Pietri with irony in her Instagram story. Enough to put an end to the rumors that have been multiplying in recent months. She shared this information only a few days after paying a sober tribute to Gaspard Ulliel on the occasion of his Indeed, on November 25, 2022, he would have celebrated his 38th birthday. She had simply posted a message in his memory in her Instagram story.

Gaëlle Pietri regularly comes out of silence to restore truths

Since the tragic death of the actor, this is not the first time that the mother of the family has to take the floor to deny the facts. She had indeed wanted to react to the rumor which lent a relationship between Gaspard Ulliel and one of his last partners on the screen, Vicky Krieps, in the film More than ever. Still on Instagram in May 2022, Gaëlle Pietri had assured, in the caption of a photo that “No one shared Gaspard’s life at the time of the tragedy“. Despite everything, she had hinted that the two actors had shared a love story.

For her part, Vicky Krieps appeared totally devastated at the actor’s funeral. They both got closer on the set of the film which took place in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic and which therefore had a particular taste. “Gaspard was like me crazy by nature, we took very long walks together during this quarantine. We went on, he said to me, after the mountain, ‘Come on, we’re going kayaking’. He was so alive. We were out in nature every day having adventures. We’re both so curious about life“, she confided before adding: “We were kind of like kindred spirits, we didn’t fit into prefabricated boxes, we were beyond. We had a more complex way of looking at life. You can’t always explain things, but you can experience them (…) Gaspard and I didn’t like having to explain things. We didn’t put words to everything.”

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