Dora and the Lost City arrives on Prime Video: who is this cartoon-based adventure film aimed at?

Dora and the Lost City is coming to Prime Video today! A light and summery film to see with the family. But by the way, from what age can you put your toddlers in front?

Recommended from 8 years old – currently on Prime Video.

Once upon a time :

After years of exploring the jungle with her parents, Dora prepares for the most difficult test of her life: entering high school! Her explorer soul resurfaces when she must fly to the rescue of her parents in danger.

Accompanied by her faithful monkey Babouche, her cousin Diego and colorful new friends, Dora embarks on a crazy adventure that will lead her to unravel the mystery of the lost City of Gold.

What they will love:

The live-action adaptation of the adventures of animated heroine Dora caused a lot of ink to flow when it was released in 2019. In this sequel to the animated series, she is a teenager, with all the hassle that comes with it. But she is above all an exemplary heroine, courageous, luminous, determined and overflowing with energy. A kind of Lara Croft at the height of a child who could well inspire them.

The Lost City uses the codes of adventure films, a genre that particularly appeals to children. Treasure hunts, Inca temples, puzzles to solve… All of this takes place in a tropical jungle full of dangers. This should keep your toddlers in suspense, especially if they loved other feature films of this type such as Benjamin Gates.

Like the cartoon, Dora and the Lost City is a naive and good-natured film. The screenwriters played the card of humor and self-mockery thoroughly. The first minutes are full of nods to the series, including the flagship music “tut tut tut Dora !” that some parents have hated over time (we are one of them). Some scenes in the film make you smile, even when you’re an adult, like this passage where the heroes turn into cartoon characters after inhaling a hallucinogenic toxin.

Like the animated series, Dora and the Lost City is more educational, introducing South American culture to its audience. However, do not expect to find the interactive aspect of the animated series where the heroine speaks to the spectators to make them participate – if not in this first quarter of an hour when the young girl breaks the fourth wall. The rest of the film is quite wise but allows itself some pranks, as evidenced by this song where Dora teaches us to bury her poop in the forest…

Paramount Players, a Division of Paramount Pictures. All Rights Reserved. / Vince Valitutti

A fun and colorful family film!

What may worry them:

Rest assured, Dora and the Lost City will not give your children nightmares, far from it. But seeing the heroine’s parents in danger could potentially worry them. The jungle and the surprises that lie in wait for the adventurer and her friends could eventually scare them, but it will be enough to hold their hand very tightly to reassure them.

Be careful, and although the main characters are teenagers, the film might not interest your oldest children.

What they will keep inside them:

The moral of the story is quite simple. Like Dora who discovers a new universe by going to high school, it is not necessary to change to fit into the mold or to be accepted. Everyone has to find their place in order to make new friends.

The film also promotes beautiful values ​​such as courage and friendship, and emphasizes the family. So many things that are worth more than any treasure…

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