Double Bad Luck – Crashed and then got hit by a rock

A misfortune rarely comes alone – the hackneyed saying applies to the tour of a German (31) in the Wilder Kaiser. First she fell three meters down, then a stone came down from above.

On Saturday at around 11.10 a.m. a German hiking group went on a hike in the area of ​​the Kopftörl on the Wilder Kaiser near Ellmau. Two men and a woman climbed up from the Wochenbrunnalm to the Gruttenhütte and intended to climb the designated trail no. 825 to the Kopftörl.Lost of the pathBelow the Friedrichsturm at 2070 meters above sea level, the group left the marked trail and tried to return to the path. The 31-year-old German stumbled over a stone and lost her balance. She fell over an edge about three meters vertically and remained there injured. Stone hit lower leg During the course of the fall, the previously released stone fell on the woman’s left lower leg, causing her to open her lower leg fracture. The companions then set the rescue chain in motion. While the woman was rescued by the C4 and taken to Kufstein Hospital, the two men were able to descend to the valley independently.
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