double surprise for the rate of the Charac

La Carac unveiled the 2022 performance of its fund in euros on Monday. The main mutual savings contracts benefit from a rate of return of 2.50%, one of the best on the market. But the Charac has other good news for the 2023 rate. Explanations.

Once again the Charac must not. This Monday, the mutual savings company revealed the 2022 compensation on its flagship life insurance contracts. Carac Epargne Patrimoine, Carac Epargne Gnration, Carac Epargne Protection, Carac Epargne Solidaire, Carac Profilo are granted a rate of 2.50%. A very solid performance that allows Carac to once again feature in the leading pack of euro funds in 2022.

2.50%, net of management fees but before social security contributions, this is 1.10 points more than the 1.40% paid last year. In a year 2022 marked by inflation unprecedented in 40 years and a marked slowdown in the global economy, Carac was able to rely on its financial strength to deliver one of the best returns on the market while continuing to fund its Provision for participation in surpluses (PPE), explains the Carac in a press release.

A guaranteed minimum rate for 2023

In concrete terms, the Carac has succeeded in endowing its compensation reserve with an additional 37 million euros for a total of 534 million euros. Unlike many players, Carac therefore did not dip into its reserves this year to improve the return on its fund in euros.

But beyond this very good rate served for the year 2022, Carac is announcing a one-off measure to attract its 305,000 current and future customers. Until June 30, she promises a guaranteed minimum rate of 3% for all new 2023 payments to the euro fund.

It should be noted that the Charac also offers a 2.50% remuneration for his Individual PER.

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