Dounia Coesens (More beautiful life) soon mom? She talks about it…

More beautiful life, It’s almost the end. After 18 years of keeping millions of loyal viewers in suspense, the series will come to an end in a few months. If the actors still present have expressed their pain, the elders are just as affected, starting with Dounia Coesens, interpreter of Johanna Marci for many years.

In an interview with the magazine France Sundaythe 33-year-old actress expressed her emotion: “It’s a hell of a heartbreak. It’s the end of a storyshe confided. I recently participated in the reunion episode, which was very nice. We were super happy to see each other again, and a little sad too to realize that we were only coming back one last time to say goodbye.

Far from the plateaus of More beautiful life from now on, Dounia Coesens devotes himself to other projects. The latest: to go through the stage of the heart for the children of Mécénat Chirurgie Cardiaque, an association that she supports “For years” and who offers foster families to take care of certain children with a view to an operation. A role that Dounia Coesens might like: “I would love ! I live alone and move a lot for my job so unfortunately I’m not sure it’s very compatible.”

In addition to the potential lack of time, Dounia Coesens confided a little more personally and subtly during the interview, in particular on her desires for motherhood: “I’m not at all sure that they would agree to entrust one of these young patients to a single woman who has never been a mother before. I would be very annoyed with this little piece who has just been released from the hospital and who must be managed. I would love ! Because I would very much like to have children.

These possible future children, Dounia Coesens will therefore not have them with Arthur Aumerle, the entrepreneur whom she was still dating a few months ago. The actress made their relationship official on Instagram in October last year. According to his words, their beautiful story is now over…

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