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The Pinel device:

The Pinel is a tax incentive for rental investment. By investing in a new property located in defined areas, the purchaser obtains a tax reduction proportional to the cost of acquisition. In return, he must agree to rent the property for 6, 9 or 12 years to households not exceeding certain income limits and to respect rent ceilings.

Reduce tax with the Pinel device:

Did you know that by renting out a new property, you can reduce your taxes? The Pinel device in fact entitles you to a tax reduction calculated on the purchase price of new or rehabilitated housing to achieve the technical performance of new. Thanks to the Pinel law, you can benefit from a tax reduction of up to €63,000.

The tax advantage granted to a Pinel device takes the form of a tax reduction. In other words, the sum is deducted directly from the tax due by the investor. The tax deduction depends on the rental period planned by the owner and is calculated by taking into account the total investment, ie the cost of acquiring the apartment (including costs).

The system evolved in 2023 with two categories of tax reduction which now coexist: the classic Pinel and the Pinel +. To benefit from the advantages of the Pinel tax exemption system, it is however necessary to respect certain specific conditions. Several criteria must be respected, such as the geographical area of ​​the accommodation, the income of the tenants and the amount of the rents.

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