Dr. Johannes Wimmer: After the death of his daughter: TV doctor becomes a father again

Dr. Johannes Wimmer
After his daughter dies: TV doctor becomes a father again

Dr. Johannes Wimmer often appears as a health expert on TV.

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Dr. Johannes Wimmer’s daughter Maximilia died of a brain tumor last November. Now the TV doctor is expecting offspring again.

Good news from TV doctor Dr. Johannes Wimmer: The doctor expects offspring again. That he now confirmed the “Bild” newspaper. In 2020 Wimmer and his wife Clara became parents for the first time. However, last November they had to say goodbye to their Maximilia. The little girl had a malignant brain tumor and died as a result of the disease.

“The medical heart is excited”

“My father’s heart beats happily and loudly. The medical heart is excited,” said Wimmer in an interview with the newspaper. In his book “When the Fist of the Universe Strikes”, which appears on Wednesday (September 1st), he processes the loss of his beloved daughter. “In my heart, sadness, because I miss this little girl infinitely, and overwhelming joy alternate with a new life,” quoted “Bild” in advance from the book.

“I thought about when the new little life arose. If Clara is pregnant now, then she and Maxi have given each other the handle,” said the father-to-be. He hopes that there is a special connection between Maxi and the new child: “Perhaps Maxi’s soul showed the new child’s soul everything here before she moved on. A nice idea.”