Dr. STONE for parents: 3 minutes to understand everything about this anime that makes you love science

Are you wondering about this popular and playful anime? We give you everything there is to know about the enriching “Dr. STONE” which seduces all audiences!

Atypical manga born from the collaboration of two mangakas (Boichi and Riichirō Inagaki), Dr. STONE is a shônen whose fights are not won by the strength of the fists alone, but mainly by the power of the mind.

Both funny but also very intelligent with deep reflections on humanity and civilization, it is a “wildly exciting” series that has the ability to entertain and educate us at the same time. Without being heavy, the anime takes us back to the origins of technology, restoration, and medicine, all sprinkled with some scientific explanations accessible for all ages.

An atypical and effective way to approach the theme of human evolution and to make us reflect on our current living conditions. And after two seasons and an OVA very popular with the public, a new wave of episodes will arrive in 2023.

What is it about ?

As he is about to declare his love for the chosen one of his heart, Taiju, a high school student like the others, and all of humanity find themselves transformed into statues. A phenomenon probably caused by a strange green and brilliant light appeared in the sky a few seconds before the tragedy.

It is only 3700 years later that Taiju manages to extricate himself from his stone prison thanks to his best friend and scientific genius, Senku. But the world is no longer as they knew it: nature has taken back its rights and the environment has become hostile.

Together, the two boys try to combine the exceptional scientific skills of one and the physical abilities of the other to save the 7 billion still petrified human beings and discover the origin of this disaster.

From what age to watch this anime?

The editorial staff of AlloCiné recommends this program from the age of 10. For good reason, the series addresses notions of science that can be difficult to understand for the youngest. Note that each episode takes the time to warn its viewers of the potentially dangerous nature of the experiments carried out in the anime.

What does it look like ?

Why do your teens love it?

  • Because its original scenario stands out from other adventure anime, with a playful approach without ever being boring.
  • Because the characters are as varied as they are endearing, and convey great values ​​such as courage, perseverance and teamwork
  • Because the universe brings us back to a Pure Land, in verdant and magnificent settings, where Mother Nature is queen.
  • Because the anime offers us as much humor as emotional sequences: laughter and tears are to be expected during viewing

3 concepts that you will not necessarily understand if your child talks to you about them

  • The green light: mysterious glow that once lit up the sky, and at the origin of the petrification of the human race. If its mystery has been pierced in the manga, it still remains of unknown origin for the only spectators of the animated adaptation.
  • The de-petrifying liquid: mixture of nitric acid and ethanol capable of breaking the stone that imprisons petrified humans.
  • The Kingdom of Science: Technocratic nation founded by Senku in hopes of recreating civilization.


Taiju and Senku

The anecdotes that will amaze your teenager!

  • Before talking science in Dr. STONE, screenwriter Riichiro Inagaki gave life to a famous manga of another genre: Eyeshield 21, centered on American football.
  • All the scientific practices used in the series are effective and achievable in real life (be careful, however, to reproduce them only in the presence of an adult if the person is a minor)
  • The mangaka got the idea for the character of Senku when he saw a magazine cover with lots of shônen heroes on it. He says he wanted to create a more “normal” hero without superpowers but just as cool.



Where to see this anime and how much will it cost you?

Seasons 1 and 2, as well as a bonus episode, can be discovered on Crunchyroll (€4.99 per month).

Also available in paper version (currently being published in France, 22 of the 26 volumes in the complete series are available in France, sold for €6.90 each by the publisher Glénat).

What other anime to watch next with your teen?

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