Dr. Wimmer: "I would give my life for hers"

The six month old daughter of Dr. Johannes Wimmer is seriously ill – she has a brain tumor. Now the TV doctor spoke honestly about his feelings and fears.

Dr. Johannes Wimmer helps as a doctor and presenter in the NDR with quiz shows and Co. wherever he can. But now the TV doctor's hands are tied: His six-month-old daughter is seriously ill.

The girl is said to have been treated in the intensive care unit of the Hamburg University Clinic for several weeks. At the end of August, Dr. Wimmer to make the stroke of fate public – his daughter suffers from a malignant brain tumor.

Dr. Wimmer: "First and foremost, this child suffers"

The TV doctor had canceled all appointments at short notice, and the book premiere was also canceled. His appearance on the NDR talk show was made by Dr. Wimmer still true. There he spoke impressively honestly about his feelings and the difficult situation.

"First and foremost, this child suffers. I think, like any father in the world, I would swap without blinking my eyes", directed Dr. Wimmer the attention from there quickly to the suffering of his daughter. He tries to be with her every free minute, because that is the only way he can help her: "I would relieve her of suffering, give my life for hers – that is not possible and we are, as much as we can be, in the intensive care unit with her"he explains.

At the beginning of August, the little girl is said to have had an operation lasting hours and was in an artificial coma. Now 18 weeks of chemotherapy should follow.

On Instagram, Dr. Wimmer a photo of himself and his tiny daughter in the intensive care unit. He made the decision to go public with the stroke of fate in order to distract himself and recapture his life.

A little structure helps against the feeling of helplessness: "The day needs structure, the day is infinitely long. It is wait, wait, wait", tells Dr. Wimmer and is following the advice he usually gave his patients.

We wish the family a lot of strength and all the best for the time ahead!