Dragon Age: Dreadwolf, Thedas shows himself in video for Dragon Age Day, the future presentation of the game still distant

It is December 4, a date celebrated as THE Dragon Age Day by fans of the license BioWare. After the cryptic teaser of the next Mass Effect for the N7 Day in November, we are spoiled again since uDragon Age: Dreadwolf video has just been released. Last year, we were treated to a cinematic telling us the story of Solas narrated by Varric Tethras. Since then, gameplay of the game’s alpha leaked in February, but we’re obviously still a long way from getting our hands on it. So, what’s new for us to eat?

Well, these few seconds are there to introduce the world of Thedas in which our adventures will take place again, mixing cinematic shots and passages of gameplay. Three locations are quickly shownto start with the nation ofAntiva and its port city Trevisogoverned by the House of Ravens, an organization bringing together thieves, assassins and spies. Comes next the peninsula of Riveïn, the opportunity to have a beautiful view of the coast. Finally, it is the dark kingdom ofAnderfels and his Weisshaupt Fortress who are in the spotlight. This is good, because the leak included phases of play in this place, since we would embody a Shadow Guard.

On the other hand, the end of the video is less encouraging, because Dragon Age: Dreadwolf’s full reveal won’t come until summer 2024… We already knew that it wouldn’t be released until April 1, 2024 at the earliest, but this announcement strongly suggests that the launch won’t happen until the end of next year at least.

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