Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2: the 1st chapter of the Future Saga dated, its characters and explosive new features detailed in video

Waiting DRAGON BALL: Sparking! ZEROit is the inexhaustible Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 which will begin a new chapter in its long history shortly. As a reminder, its PS5 and Xbox Series X|S versions will be launched this Friday. With the revelation last March of there Future Saga, we could obviously hope that the first part of this new content would be released around the same time. With an update deployed this morningfollowed by some revelations from dataminers on the Web, the fans had something to warm themselves up and it is therefore not surprising that Bandai Namco finally communicated on the next new releases which have been dated May 24. A long trailer therefore presents them and, against all expectations, they are not four, but five playable characters that will be added in this Chapter 1 !

Yes, in addition to new versions of Black Goku, Vegeta And C-18as well as Videlit is therefore THE Legendary Super Saiyajin Broly who will spice things up. And we’re not talking about his iteration of Dragon Ball Super who came retcon his version of DBZ, but indeed the original as it appeared in the 1993 feature film! Better yet, it will be at the heart of the plot since the additional missions will be distributed across bows Broly, Son Goku Black And Vegeta.

Content of Chapter 1 of the Future Saga

New playable characters

  • C-18 (DB Super)
  • Videl (DB Super)
  • Vegeta (Divine Super Saiyajin) – Ultra Super Villain
  • Son Goku Black (Super Saiyajin Rosé) – Ultra Super Villain
  • Broly (Retained)

New additional content

  • Parallel quests (x12):
    • Where is Son Goku?! ;
    • Birthday pranks;
    • Videl: great mom.

  • Techniques (x15)
  • Costumes and accessories (x3):
    • Piccolo Orange outfit;
    • Videl’s outfit (DB Super);
    • Videl wig (DB Super).

  • Loading screen illustrations (x63).
  • Bonus missions (x3)
  • Super Souls (x5)

Note that the new free features below are already available.

Free Update 18 Content

  • Costumes (x6)
  • Raid Quests (x7)
  • Loading screen illustrations (x93)
  • Aura / Accessories (x3)
  • Super Souls (x5)
  • Avatar Level Limit Unlocked
  • New Crossover feature (Level: 1 / Badges: 4 / Emotions: 2)
  • Improved features

Finally, in addition to the three other chapters coming in the coming months, Bandai Namco announces the 2nd Festival of Universes ! A collaboration with the game Sand Land will give you a t-shirt, an outfit and a wig. Beelzebub. You will also find below the videos that had been posted for Vegeta And Goku Black in Ultra Super Villain.

By the way, if you hadn’t seen the information, there is a change regarding the medals P.T.which were replaced by medals SPT ! Yes, removing one type of microtransaction to replace it with another, you had to dare. Roughly speaking, it will still be possible to use the ones you own (their sale was stopped on May 16), but future additions requiring premium currency will cost SPT. Knowing that the medals P.T. could be obtained by playing, it should undoubtedly be seen as a way of pushing players to pay…

If you ever want to get started in the world of Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 with its release on current generation consoles, a physical version without the DLC is sold €19.99 on Amazon.

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