Dragon Quest: Yuji Horii celebrates 36 years of the license with a teaser for Treasures and a launch trailer for the mobile port of Builders

Japan has already moved to May 27, which means that the license DragonQuest celebrates its 36th candle. If the 35th anniversary had been celebrated with great fanfare with a dedicated presentation that revealed to us Dragon Quest XII: The Flames of Fatethat will not be the case this year. Yūji Horii still wanted to appear in a short video to be found below, going to Dragon Quest Island for the occasion, unfortunately in the rain. Unfortunately, it tells us nothing new about DQXII, which the game team is working hard on.

This year 2022 will also mark the 10th anniversary of Dragon Quest X, of which an “Offline” version is planned for Japan. But these are two other titles that showed up for this anniversary. The first is none other thana long-promised port of Dragon Quest Builders launching today on iOS and Android. The other production which irons a head, it is the spin off Dragon Quest Treasures featuring Eric and her sister Mia, unveiled last year and which is entitled to a new teaser. Still no platform in sight, but more information will be given to us in Junethen all you have to do is wait a few days or weeks.

Dragon Quest XI: Destiny Fighters is he still sold on Amazon on PS4 and Switch.

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