Dragon’s Dogma 2: 40 minutes of gameplay and many new details that will delight

Last night, Capcom broadcast a showcase for Dragon’s Dogma 2 in particular to formalize its release date and launch pre-orders, revealing in the process its different editions. If you can watch it again with French subtitles in our previous article, know thata post-show also took place afterwards, but only via the English presentation. No less than 40 minutes of gameplay were able to satisfy us and it can be found at the bottom of the page.

Before that, let’s take a look at what game director Hideaki Itsuno and producer Yoshiaki Hirabayashi presented to us.

One adventure, two nations

In Dragon’s Dogma 2, players embody the Insurgent, an inhabitant of the game universe whose heart was stolen by the Dragon. Although the setting of this sequel is reminiscent of the lush hills of the cult game Dragon’s Dogma and its expansion Dark Arisen, this original adventure takes place in a parallel world comprising two nations with different approaches to the threat represented by the Dragon. Queen Regent Disa installed a fake Insurgent to maintain control of the Kingdom of Vermund for her son. For its part, the nation of Leonins of Battahl considers the Pawns from other worlds as a source of misfortune and has turned to the cult of the Flickering Flame and its empress Nadinia to ward off fate. The presentation showed off some of the destinations that quests can take players to, such as the reclusive elven enclave of Holywood.

Pawns can specialize in certain skills, which allows for a wide diversity and variety of assets brought by these characters who will constitute the Insurgent’s team. Pawns capable of understanding the language of the Elves can, for example, act as translator for the Insurgent during dialogues with representatives of this people.

In addition toan overview of the creation system used to bring our avatar to life Insurgent and at Pawn main, which uses photogrammetry for greater realism and simplifies the process by making it more intuitive, we were able to discover three additional classesincluding one reserved forInsurgentL’Illusionist.

Class for the Insurgent

  • Illusionist : this class reserved for the Insurgent can conjure illusions thanks to the smoke created by its unique weapon, the censer. Illusionists can use their tricks to trick enemies into fighting each other and can temporarily increase the power of Pawns beyond their limits. This new class illustrates the ways players can manipulate and take advantage of enemy AI to open up entirely new combat opportunities.

Classes for Insurgent and Pawns

  • Champion : specialized in melee combat, he has a robust physique capable of withstanding enemy attacks. He is proficient with heavy weapons such as the greatsword and hammer.
  • Wizard : a class entirely specialized in different magical attacks. Her sorcery, conjured with both hands using a large staff, can significantly influence the course of a battle at any time.

Dragon's Dogma 2 29 29 11 2023 Dragon's Dogma 2 30 29 11 2023

On the enemy side, it is especially the Talos which made a strong impression during the presentation, a giant on which it will be possible to climb to reach its weak points.

  • The Talos : a gigantic bronze golem capable of massive destruction with a single gesture. Once the Talos emerges from the waters, players will have to use the different tools available to them through their class, as well as their Pawns and the surrounding terrain to control this extraordinary threat.
  • The Dullahans : headless specters capable of immobilizing their targets before striking them with their powerful curved blades.
  • The Dracs : fearsome draconic enemies capable of spitting powerful flames and flying away when necessary.

Dragon's Dogma 2 41 29 11 2023 Dragon's Dogma 2 36 29 11 2023 Dragon's Dogma 2 35 29 11 2023

Finally, the main characters were introduced on the official site.

  • Ulrika – The young leader of Melve takes her responsibilities very seriously and trains hard to protect her family. When the Insurgent is injured after the Dragon’s attack, she also watches over him and heals him.
  • Nadinia -The leader of the Battahl and High Priestess of the Flickering Flame. Having received an education worthy of her status from her early childhood, she rose to power very young. She was able to gain the trust of the people of Battahl thanks to her kindness and her desire for peace and prosperity for her country.
  • Brant – The honest and virtuous captain of the palace guard. He lost influence at the royal court after opposing the Queen Regent. Anxious to act in the best interests of the Vermund, he offers his aid to the Insurgent.

Dragon's Dogma 2 42 29 11 2023 Dragon's Dogma 2 39 29 11 2023 Dragon's Dogma 2 32 29 11 2023

  • Disa – Wife of the former sovereign of Vermund, she took over the government of the kingdom upon his death. She plans to make Sven, her beloved son, the next king. She has all the grace and pride of her rank, knows how to keep a cool head, and can show great disdain.
  • Menella – A leonine who leads the guard of the Flickering Flame and provides defense for the High Priestess and her acolytes. She devotes unwavering loyalty to Empress Nadinia, who treats her subjects with fairness. Following her example, she opposes discrimination between people and strives to become fairer.
  • Wilhelmina – The mistress of the Rose Manor, located in the capital of Vermund. Among her clients, she counts many influential members of the nobility. This enigmatic woman combines her enchanting charm with certain intelligence and open-mindedness.

Dragon's Dogma 2 33 29 11 2023 Dragon's Dogma 2 38 29 11 2023 Dragon's Dogma 2 43 29 11 2023

  • Sven – The beloved son of Queen Regent Disa and one of the candidates vying for the throne. He knows nothing of his mother’s schemes and cares above all about doing good. Despite his princely elegance, his youthful sincerity sometimes borders on naivety.
  • Glyndwr – The kind and shy appearance of this young elf contrasts with the usual condescension of his people. He is interested in the tools used by humans and speaks their language fluently. He laments that he has no talent for archery, which is essential for an elf guard.
  • Doireann – Like her brother Glyndwr, she hails from the home of the elves, deep in the forest. Doireann is a reserved and refined young elf with elegant manners. Under the influence of her big brother, she learned a few words of human language and she is generous and welcoming to other people.

Dragon's Dogma 2 40 29 11 2023 Dragon's Dogma 2 37 29 11 2023 Dragon's Dogma 2 34 29 11 2023

Post-show starts at 36:20

Dragon’s Dogma 2 is therefore expected on March 22, 2024 on PS5, Xbox Series X|S and PC. You can pre-order it at the house of Gamesplanet from €58.49.

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