Dragon’s Dogma 2 will be released on March 22, 2024

Twelve (12!) years will therefore separate the debut of the new 2012 license from the launch of this sequel that Hideaki Itsuno finally found the time to pilot, not without having delivered Devil May Cry 5 in the meantime. Has this decade of waiting resulted in an avalanche of new products? It still feels like no, to be honest, but don’t see that as a lack of excitement at the idea of ​​diving back into Capcom’s little medieval fantasy theater in 4 months.

The new trailer shown during Capcom’s presentation does the job, if only because of its still striking bestiary. This is obviously enriched with new creatures, starting with Talos, a gigantic statue emerging from the sea to devastate everything in its path and which gives full meaning to the possibility of clinging to enemies, such as the fight to come inevitably evokes Shadow of the Colossus. We have seen worse as a benchmark. Also worth discovering is a nicely animated Drake straight out of Monster Hunter as well as a Dullahan, a headless specter inspired by Irish folklore.

A parallel world to the first Dragon’s Dogma

Capcom takes the opportunity to clarify the narrative links between the first Dragon’s Dogma and this false sequel, which actually takes place in a parallel world. Hence this easy storyline worthy of a reboot, which takes up the principle of the “Insurgent” whose heart has been stolen by a dragon and who in exchange can summon legions of Pawns, docile traveling companions always camped by the AI and only AI. However, the world promises to be richer and more varied than in 2012, especially since the story now revolves around two nations and therefore two very distinct regions. Vermund, the kingdom of humanity as always in the midst of a power struggle for the throne, and Battahl, a desert nation belonging to the Leonins, who see the Pawns as a source of misfortune. The two territories at least have the merit of agreeing on one point: the dragon is not good news.

Capcom also offers a preview of a secondary quest during which we will help the Elves. They speak a language that is incomprehensible to the protagonist, who will benefit from being accompanied by a Pawn capable of translating these words to him. A way of telling us that we will have to pay attention to the specializations of the Pawns who will make up the team. In addition, Capcom used photogrammetry to make the characters more realistic, in particular to enrich the character customization tool, which allows you to create the protagonist but also the main Pawn.

The Illusionist is a new class reserved for the Insurgent who invokes illusions by stirring a censer in order to disorient enemies to make them fight among themselves, or who can apply a buff of power on the Pawns. A style intended for those who prefer to take a step back and influence combat from a distance, which will be one of the new classes to unlock during the adventure.

Finally, Capcom announces the opening of pre-orders and at the same time unveils a Deluxe edition. This includes in-game bonuses such as camping equipment and various useful items, such as harpy bait and a key to escape from a jail. Bonus weapons for all four starting classes will be offered for any pre-order. The standard edition will cost 65 euros on PC and 75 euros on consoles, which marks Capcom’s first step in the new generation tax. Add 10 euros more for the Deluxe edition.

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