Dramatic scenes in Shanghai: IKEA customers flee lockdown in panic

Dramatic scenes in Shanghai
IKEA customers flee lockdown in panic

Health officials in Shanghai lock down an IKEA store and use force to try to prevent customers from going outside. Because a contact person of a child infected with Corona is said to have stayed in the store. However, some manage to escape.

Chaotic scenes have erupted in an IKEA store in Shanghai. Many customers fled the store after Chinese authorities attempted to quarantine the entire market, financial news agency Bloomberg reports. Videos on social networks show people screaming as they try to leave the branch before the authorities lock it down.

According to Twitter users, a close contact should trigger the “quick lockdown”. of a six-year-old boy who was infected visited the IKEA store. Some videos show people throwing themselves against the doors that the security authorities are holding from the outside. Escaping a quarantine is in China Indeed heavy since the authorities through the chinese Corona warning app every movement of its citizens monitor digitally. For example, you need a green QR code just to get to your own apartment or supermarket. According to Twitter users, more than 300 people are said to have stayed in the IKEA branch.

According to the report, the health authorities in the financial metropolis said they had imposed “temporary control measures” in the store. All people at IKEA would have to stay in quarantine for two days and then have their health monitored for symptoms for five days, said Zhao Dandan, deputy director of the Shanghai Health Commission. The customers who did not make it out of the store in time should be accommodated in quarantine hotels, Twitter users reported.

An IKEA representative told Bloomberg the store in the popular Xuhui district was closed due to Covid at the request of health officials. No further details were given. China is currently reporting more than 2,000 new infections every day – this is the highest number of infections in over three months.

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