Dream duo for one euro: Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max and Watch Ultra 2 at O2


With this deal, you get the Watch Ultra 2 and the iPhone Pro Max from Apple, the US company’s current flagships. In a bundle with a strong 5G tariff from O2, you only pay one euro once.

Strong Apple bundle at O2 (Source: O2)

Without a doubt, the iPhone 15 Pro Max and the Watch Ultra 2 are among the best and most expensive products in Apple’s range.

O2 dual card: Premium models become affordable
Double subsidized

In the best case scenario, you can buy the Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max with 256 GB of storage for 1,200 euros in cash. If you get it from MediaMarkt with a 24-month cell phone contract, it’s 1,588 euros – but including an extra contract.

The price tags of the devices are correspondingly wide, so we usually have to make do with slimmed-down versions, used goods or last year’s models. O2 is making a tempting offer to everyone who doesn’t have a small amount of cash or would rather spend their cash on other things.

Of course, you can’t get the current flagships with just one euro, and unfortunately not just because of the one-off shipping costs of 4.99 euros. In addition to this one-off payment totaling 5.99 euros, you have to pay 74.99 euros per month for the mobile phone contract for 36 months.

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Overall, that’s an impressive 2,705.63 euros over the entire contract period – whether that’s a good price can be seen by comparing the prices with the best prices for the products included. For the O2 contract in the 5G network with 50 GB and 5 GB extra per year, in the best case scenario you pay 34.99 euros per month and a one-off connection price of 39.99 euros, which is 1,299.63 euros over 36 months.

All in all, the total for individual purchases is 3,283.60 euros. Not only do you save more than 500 euros compared to the cheapest individual prices, but you also benefit considerably from paying in installments over a term of 36 months.This means you can use the latest flagships and you only have to budget the almost 900 euros per year for three years that you would have to budget for each individual product if you had bought the products out of cash.

iPhone 15 Pro Max 256 and Apple Watch Ultra 2
  • Without huge one-off costs: only around 6 euros one-time

  • Latest technology from Apple

  • 50 gigabyte 5G tariff with up to 300 megabits per second

For the bundle you pay 74.99 euros per month for 36 months. Alternatively, you can pay 108.99 euros in 24 monthly installments. There is no connection fee, only a one-off deposit of 1 euro and 4.99 euros for shipping.

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The tariff: o2 Mobile M Boost

In addition to the powerful hardware from Apple, o2 offers the o2 Mobile M Boost tariff. Up to 300 megabits per second should be possible in the 5G network. In order to be able to use such speeds, you have a huge 50 gigabytes of monthly data volume at your disposal, which increases by a further 5 gigabytes every year. As expected, EU roaming and a telephone and SMS all-network flat rate are also included.

You can also use the Connect option. This means you can use your data volume on up to 10 devices at the same time. This is possible with up to two additional SIM cards, which also benefit from the all-net flat rate, and seven data cards. This is also possible as an eSIM.

The smartphone: Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max

The Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max is the large version of the currently most powerful iPhone. Gaming, professional photography, fast and high-resolution display and long battery life are just a few of the luxurious features of the top smartphone.

Two new features on the iPhones are the action button and a USB-C port, which you know from almost all smartphones from other manufacturers. The action button essentially replaces the mute switch. The special thing, however, is that you can configure the button so that it takes you directly to your favorite feature.

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The smartwatch: Apple Watch Ultra 2

In addition to the robust titanium housing like the iPhone 15 Pro, including water and dust protection, the Apple Watch Ultra 2 also offers extreme performance. The special new feature of this top smartwatch is that it can be used with a hand gesture without touching it.

Software, hardware and housing are designed for maximum performance, endurance and precision. You have countless sports modes and fitness apps including exact data and their evaluation right on your wrist. The new S9 SiP chip is said to be up to two times faster than the previous generation and can do even more with machine learning.

A 49-millimeter corrosion-resistant titanium case protects the display with raised edges. It offers water protection up to a depth of 100 meters and has been tested according to MIL‑STD 810H. Accordingly, the entire Apple Watch Ultra 2 is also dust-proof according to IP6X.

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According to Apple, the “brightest display of all time” is said to have a brightness of up to 3,000 nits. Theoretically, this means you can see everything on the always-on Retina display in direct sunlight. Thanks to automatic dimming down to 1 nit, a long battery life of up to 36 hours is maintained under normal use.

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