Drew Barrymore and Tom Green: reunion after almost 20 years

Drew Barrymore and Tom Green
See you again after almost 20 years

Tom Green and Drew Barrymore at a film premiere in 2000.

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After Drew Barrymore and ex-husband Tom Green celebrated a virtual reunion last year, they could now hug each other.

Drew Barrymore (46) celebrated last Tuesday on her talk show a special reunion. On a part of the show called “Drew’s News”, she chatted with her ex-husband Tom Green (50). The former couple had not seen each other for around 20 years – there was a warm hug to greet them.

“It’s very good to see you. It feels strange, though,” Green told his ex-wife when they saw them again. “Not strange in a bad way: strange in a good way.” It “takes off a bit of the pressure,” he added, explaining that it also “felt a bit like an out-of-body experience”. Meeting on Barrymore’s show was a nice way to reconnect.

Then the two reminisced about their honeymoon in Ireland and talk show guest Ross Mathews (42) asked Green: “Would you ever go to an ex’s wedding?” Green replied, “I’ve never been invited to an ex’s wedding,” before glancing at Barrymore, who had remarried. Green stated that “it probably makes sense not to go to an ex’s wedding”. Barrymore agreed, “I think so too.”

Virtual reunion during corona lockdown

Last year, the couple celebrated their first reunion for the talk show, but they still held it virtually. Barrymore was already full of praise for her ex-husband: “I love your parents and I love you”. It is nice to talk to each other after all this time and to look back on the past time. “I celebrate your life and I always have and always will,” said Barrymore.

Barrymore and Green met on the set for Charlie’s Angels in 2000. The wedding followed in July 2001. After just over a year and three months of marriage, the couple divorced again in October 2002. In July 2012, Barrymore married the art dealer Will Kopelman (43). The couple separated in August 2016. They have two daughters together: Olive (9) and Frankie (7).


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