Drew Barrymore: She publishes her own lifestyle magazine

Drew Barrymore
She publishes her own lifestyle magazine

US star Drew Barrymore publishes his own lifestyle magazine.

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US actress Drew Barrymore is fulfilling a “dream” and starting her own lifestyle magazine. “Drew” will be released for the first time in June.

Drew Barrymore (46, “Santa Clarita Diet”) continues to expand her media empire. The US actress announced on Wednesday that she will be launching her own lifestyle magazine called “Drew” with the Bauer Media Group in June. The announcement was made on her own talk show “The Drew Barrymore Show”. In it, the mother of two told her audience that the magazine would cover some of the things her show was about: “Beauty, food, travel, inspiring stories and people and of course news,” the artist said.

“I’ve dreamed of this since I ripped pages out of every imaginable magazine as a pre-teen,” she told her fans. “I hope this small collection of pages brings you joy and offers a little escape from everyday life.” As the “People” magazine reports, Barrymore has been working on the project for over two years and will also serve as the magazine’s editor-in-chief. Her friends Crystal Meers and Christy Doramus are therefore engaged as editor-in-chief and editor-in-chief.

Pure optimism

The “Optimism Magazine” like Barrymore in conversation with “WWD” will be published quarterly in print. “I’m doing it old school because magazines have been one of the biggest influences in my life,” she said of her decision to focus on print. The first issue of “Drew” will be available exclusively at Walmart on June 14, 2021. It will retail for $ 9.99. In the following week, the issue will appear on kiosks across the country.


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