Drone Volt delivers two Hercules 20 to the French Navy – 2022-05-03 at 18:10

(AOF) – Drone Volt announces that it has delivered two Hercules 20 to the French Navy and trained two expert pilots. This order comes from a market of the DMAé (Direction of aeronautical maintenance, joint organization attached to the Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces). The off-the-shelf acquisition of the two Hercules 20s aims to carry out an experiment on the transport of equipment using two different tools: a winch or a dropper. The first allows the materials to be placed on the ground, the second to drop them.

Drone Volt hopes to deploy the Hercules 20 soon on a larger scale with the French armies. The group points out that this type of solution has already been tested on offshore oil platforms, in the mountains and in other places that are difficult to access.

“The French Navy’s interest in our solution could have significant commercial repercussions,” says Marc Courcelle, Managing Director of Drone Volt. “The Hercules 20 has very few equivalents in the world. This drone is notably capable of supporting a large payload capacity with a flight time that can exceed 30 minutes.”


The Middle East ESC

Still relatively unknown compared to the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), the Gitex (Gulf Information Technology Exhibition) in Dubai has existed since 1981 and attracts around 100,000 visitors a year. Even if it wants to compete with the CES in Las Vegas, and the region is a very tech-savvy market, the Gitex remains, despite its internationalization, still a regional hub for technology. The CES makes it possible to cover the United States, North America and Europe at the same time, while the Gitex rather covers the Middle East, Africa and South Asia. In 2021 this event took place at the same time as the Universal Exhibition in Dubai. France was the second most represented country, behind Italy.

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