Drone Volt: sale of a Heliplane to the Gilbert group in Canada

( – Drone Volt announces the sale of a Heliplane LRS in Canada to Groupe Gilbert, a specialist in transport, logistics and civil and mining engineering in Canada.

The Heliplane LRS is a VTOL – Vertical Take-Off and Landing – drone with a fixed wing that allows it to fly for up to 3 hours and travel nearly 300 km linearly.

‘This solution is thus particularly relevant for mapping, inspection and surveillance missions,’ notes Drone Volt.

The acquisition of the Heliplane LRS also responds to the Gilbert Group’s desire to deploy a cutting-edge technological solution on a large scale to ensure control, optimization, planning and a better view of the sites operated by the group.

‘This first sale in North America gives us confidence for the future deployment of this type of solution in Canada and the United States. ‘ declares Marc Courcelle, Managing Director of Drone Volt ‘ The feedback is also very positive and the requests were very high during the last EEEI show in New Orleans, where we presented this solution. ‘

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