Drooping eyelids: The hack for the perfect eyeliner wing

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Eyeliner trick for drooping eyelids

Horizontal eyeliner wing, street style at Sydney Fashion Week, Australia 2021

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A very simple eyeliner hack for drooping eyelids is currently circulating on TikTok! When it comes to make-up, there are actually no precise rules or regulations. However, the latest make-up trend currently making the rounds shows that the right technique can change everything. This simple eyeliner hack is intended to create the perfect wing for drooping eyelids.

People with monoly eyes should be happy about this new eyeliner hack that can be seen all over TikTok right now. With small eyelids, the wing can be a real challenge for the coveted cat eyes. Where do I start? Where do i stop Now which angle is the right one? With the TikTok hack from user Joni Sann, we no longer have to worry that the eyeliner could hide in the upper crease of our eyelids.

We’re keeping an eye out for the eyeliner hack

In order to find the right eyeliner technique, a distinction must be made between the different eye shapes. Because every eye shape needs its own approach, TikToker Joni Sann also knows. She explains that for a long time her mistake was to start the black line at the outer corner of the eye and from there to pull it straight up at an angle. Now your trick for drooping eyelids is to widen the outer corner of the eye with a small horizontal line of eyeliner. Only after the “lengthening of the eye” is the actual wing pulled. And here, too, Joni Sann stays more horizontal and only goes slightly into the wing shape, as she shows in her video.

For the complete look

But the eyeliner trick doesn’t end there. If we want to emphasize the inner corners of the eyes as well, Sann has another hack for that. Instead of drawing a horizontal line, let’s stay diagonal. In their opinion, this method agrees with “the natural angle [ihrer] inner corner of the eye “and the inner corner wing can be seen more clearly.

We’re keeping an eye on this hack

The wrong technique of an eye-wing with drooping eyelids can make the eye look irritating. Thanks to Join Sann’s video, that doesn’t have to be the case anymore. Her method emphasizes pre-existing features as it follows the natural line of the upper eyelid. With the video, there is now a simple solution for almond-shaped eyes to create the perfectly winged eyeliner. A beauty trend that can easily be imitated at home. So the perfectly drawn line never catches the eye again.

Sources used: TikTok, own research


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